Squeezi: Wall-Mounted Shampoo & Soap Dispenser

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Squeezi Money-Back Guarantee 

Squeezi Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. That’s why we’ll happily give you your money back on any Squeezi purchase that doesn’t meet your expectations.

    Squeezi Benefits 

      Declutter by wall mounting your bottles

    ✓  Save time with one-handed dispensing

    ✓  Save money by getting every last drop

    ✓  Fits all 10-18 oz. (290-520 mL) bottles

    ✓  Works with thin and thick liquids 

    Product Includes:

    ■ Squeezi silicone dispenser

    ■ Heavy-duty suction cup

    ■ Adhesive-backed disc for tiled/textured walls 

    Product Description

      The Squeezi is a silicone wall-mounted shampoo & soap dispenser and shower organizer. Say goodbye to your cluttered shower and hello to a new way of tidying up your bathroom!

      The one-handed shampoo dispenser eliminates product waste and declutters shower shelves. The stretchy silicone sleeve fits most 10-18 oz. (290-520 L) bottles. 

      The wall-mounted soap dispenser utilizes a heavy-duty suction cup to securely mount shampoo bottles in any convenient location. The included adhesive-backed disc can be installed on tiled or textured walls to give the suction cup a smooth surface to stick to. 

      The leak-proof squeeze bulb dispenses the desired amount of liquid soap with ease, making it ideal for small children or individuals with injuries or limited mobility. The Squeezi works with thin shampoo as well as thick conditioner. 

      Tired of feeling overwhelmed with bottles and bath accessories when opening your shower curtains? Harness the mantra of tidying expert Marie Kondo and elevate your shower experience with the Squeezi wall-mounted shampoo & soap dispenser and shower organizer!

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