Tips and Tricks to Make Bath Time More Fun

Rubber Ducky, Your The One!

Time To Make Bathtime Safe & Fun.

When it comes to bath-time, sometimes the struggle is real. Our little munchkins love to get dirty, but getting those squishy pink little skin sacks clean is another chore altogether. When it comes to making a first-rate dinner from mud, most kids could compete with the world’s best Chefs, however, unfortunately, the mess tends to follow. 

In response, we here at Squeezi™ decided to throw our noodles against the wall to see if we could produce a helpful list of ideas, you could use to make bath time a more enjoyable process for everyone, especially you.

A Message From The CEBO

Kids can be obstinate little buggers sometimes, so your best bet is to start by making bathtime non-negotiable. 

A directive from the CEBO (Cheif Exec Of Body Odor) if you will. 

Do your absolute best to commit to regular bath time, and after a few weeks, you will find the regular habits that you have begun to create will help you avoid a lot of confrontation.

Plunging into the water may not appeal to every kid, especially when it means they’ll have to part with the clothing that has fused to their skin with mud. 

Keep the kids rolling in the tub! Encourage them to try a new hairstyle with shampoo bubbles while singing into a hairbrush and give them a little plastic mirror to check themselves out. Make a game out of washing each body part and sing as you go.

Be there… But don’t beeee therrre. 

Try your best to give your little hobbit the reigns but don’t leave, hang out, maybe read a book, better yet, try reading a book to your hobbit.

I know it sounds scary at first, but just remember, a bathroom is a place everyone should feel safe and in control. The coolest thing about it? You begin fostering confidence and self-reliance with those feelings as well. 

While we're on the subject, it may be important to note that some people, especially young children don’t like putting there faces in the water. Be ready to hand off a clean, warm washcloth as an option. Note to self... the goal is to get them clean, not to baptize them.

squeezi bath time

Take a moment, let your mind go back to when you were a kid. What was bathtime like for you? 

The things we remember most, are usually simple ones. Big yogurt cups, plastic bottles, old Tupperware that was taken from mom’s kitchen drawer and used for a drum… It's the small stuff that leaves a mark sometimes. 

Safety First!  

Of course, the most important part of keeping bath time fun is making sure you have a safe and organized environment that you can easily control with very little effort. 

Almost everyone runs into a snag here. It seems like its always a challenge to find enough room for all of the bathroom accessories. Bottles of shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap line up on every conceivable parcel of open space along an already precarious bathtub rail.

The Wrap

When its bathtime for the kids, you need your hands free, and so do they. Squeezi™  keeps the shampoo and soap bottle collection up and out of the way so you can enjoy bathtime safely. Bring common sense back to bathtime. Put an end to the frustration of kids using to much soap and get rid of the clutter at the same time. 
Let Squeezi™ handle your mess so you can spend more time doing what you like to do, like helping your kids enjoy bathtime. Who knows? you may enjoy it too.