Shower the People

A Little Family History

Squirrel… Squirrel!!!! C’mon y’all, shower and bathtime should be fun. I remember as a kid, slathering my face, with the extra bubbles and pretending to shave. Nowadays, I really shave when I'm in the shower, I even sing. 


Yes, it’s no secret, a shower is a darn good way to start your day, and a gentle bath of suds is a great way to settle in and unwind after a day of stress twisting for the man. Instantly refreshing and delightfully liberating. That moment when you step bleary-eyed from your bed and wander into the shower. Turning the faucet handle, you are somehow surprised by the blast of cold water that slaps you in the face like your mama after she heard you swear for the first time.  

Giddy as a Goat

Bath and shower time should leave you feeling as clean and giddy as a newborn goat; That’s what We at Squeezi™  like to keep in mind during our day-to-day.

Bret’s Tale of Woe & Whoah!

The Squeezi™  was born just a few short years ago out of a real tragedy that hit Co-founder Bret Siarkowski very close to home. Bret was out “walking” his two 180lb ponies (puppies), on a beautiful New-England day when a certain member of the Sciuridae family, specifically a Red Tree Squirrel darted out in front of him and scrambled for the nearest pine tree. Now, I don't need to tell you what happens when 320 pounds of dog sees a squirrel. You guessed it, those dogs took off like a firecracker on the fourth, almost completely relieving poor Bret of his arm in the process.

When the dogs saw what they had done, they immediately felt sorry and built Bret a makeshift stretcher. They dragged him home to recuperate where he was almost immediately faced with his first challenge… How could he clean up? All busted and bruised; arm recently reattached and dangling uselessly in a sling, what would become of his personal hygiene? How would he scrub?

Lightning in a Bottle

I think it’s important to point out, that Bret isn’t a guy to go down without swinging... or showering (well, maybe once in a while). Immediately digging into the challenge, Bret began to hatch a plan. As the dogs stood by bewildered, the first generation of Squeezi™ was conceived. Bret grabbed the powerful suction cup GPS mobile mount from his car and hobbled back to the shower. He then turned his bottle of suds upside down and strapped it to the mount, fixing the whole apparatus to the shower wall. E’ voila! Squeezi took its first breaths, daring to dream that it would one day become the revolutionary bath time product that would help the millions of people worldwide just like Bret.

Dreams Materialized

The gears started turning and it wasn't long before Bret decided to enlist the help of his friend and former business associate Tom Olsen. As a Mechanical Creative and Engineer, Tom jumped in and went “Keebler-elf” on Bret's crude concept, transforming Squeezi™  into the simple sleek silicone sleeve that you know and love. The super-strong bottle mount shower dispenser that accommodates all kinds of bottle shapes and liquid bath time products. 

Our Gift to the World...

After many months of testing, MORE testing ensued. Patent work, manufacturing research, component sourcing, and branding have all come together to bring you Squeezi™ and to bring clean fun back to bathtime.