Mama.. Where do ideas come from?

Why do we always get our best ideas in the shower? I mean, when you think of it, its a little strange. There we are, naked as the day the doctor first slapped our butts and got us to cry. We are completely defenseless and open to the world. Maybe that’s it, the warm water starts to flow and we get a little comfortable. We let our guard down and start to open ourselves up to what at any other time might seem impossible. 

Cascade of Consciousness 

Speaking of big ideas, spare a moment if you will for the simple waterfall, the O.G. of showers. Picture yourself hanging out with some “Clan of the Cave Bear” looking tribe, dusty and worn from your weary days of work foraging for roots and berries. The sweat and mud from your filthy pursuits matted your hair into thick Rastafarian dreads long ago. You've been following that herd of wild buffalo around for days and there’s so much mud under your nails that… wait a minute is that mud? (nevermind) Anyway, the point is you’re dirty. You're tired, and there it is as you step from the forest, a majestic cascade of spring-fed water sparkling in the sun. The sound of it calling your name drowns out any other distraction as you run with glee into the open arms of its deluge, finally able to free yourself from the grime. 

WIlly F & His Iron Bucket

Perhaps waterfalls were what local ironmonger William Feetham had in mind in 1822 when he filed the first patent for a mechanical shower. As the story goes, Billy was a stove maker who was tired of paying his servants to fetch water and pour it over his head when he needed a quick bathe. He devised a hand-operated pump contraption that pushed water into an iron holding tank with a perforated head wich was suspended above him while he stood beneath and washed. 

...More History

Without indoor plumbing, showers were off to a rocky start. Kinda strange, but it seems that people were a little put off with the idea of using an outdoor machine consisting of wrought-iron pipes and a glorified bucket to sprinkle recycled water over themselves. Instantly more hygienic than a public bath, showers eventually caught on among medical professionals who embraced and endorsed its benefits. Funny enough though, showering didn't take off until the last 75 years or so. With time, a little ingenuity, running water and a common drain we have the blessing that is the modern-day shower.  


At Squeezi™, we like to focus on elevating your experience. Just like ol’ WIlly Feetham of Ludgate Hill in London propper, we put our noses to the grindstone, we put our noodles in the bowl. We’ve laid it all on the line to bring you what we think is the single greatest innovation in shower history.

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