Clear The Clutter

A healthy look at the organization in the smallest room in the house, your bathroom.

For the most part, bathrooms are relatively small places. However, according to statistical data, we will spend an average of just over a year and a half in the bathroom over the course of our lifetimes. That breaks down to about an hour and twenty minutes of showering per week and a little over an hour and a half taking care of business. The rest of the time we spend making ourselves look and smell good. That’s a lot of time spent in the smallest room in your house. It’s no wonder then that we place so much emphasis on organization and cleaning in the bathroom.

I Hate Cleaning The Bathroom

Even though the average American cleans the bathroom 5-7 times per month, we hate it, as a matter of fact, the New York Post ranked cleaning the toilet as the most disliked chore in America.  After taking all of this into consideration, we at Squeezi thought it might be helpful to take a closer look at a few helpful hacks to make the job easier.

In order to deliver a minimum level of hygiene and cleanliness to your lavatory, you need to organize. After all, you can’t clean when there’s stuff in the way. When it comes to organization clutter tends to be the evil empire. And when it comes to clutter, we are often stumped by two visceral moral conundrums. The first, “I paid good money for this, I don't like it but I'm certainly not going to throw it away.” And of course, “I’m sure I'll use this someday...” Whichever camp you find yourself in, you find the only way out lies in answering two very important questions.

The 2 Questions

Question number 1? What do I have in my bathroom?  It’s really kind of crazy but these little rooms we spend so much time in quickly become catch-alls. Outdated Magazines, The soap sliver collection, tons of half or nearly empty shampoo and conditioner containers, bath toys, personal toiletries, makeup, and medicine just to name a few of the usual suspects. Remember, at the beginning of this article when we talked about how small most bathrooms are? Well, that seems like a lot of stuff to shove in the smallest room in your house. Especially when many bathrooms lack adequate closet or shelf space.

The next question (and perhaps the most important) is What do I need in my bathroom? There it is; that’s the million-dollar question. With Amazon only a few clicks away, our culture of consumption can get a little out of whack and much of what we “consume” is in the bathroom in the first place. You can see why bathrooms can quickly become the most cluttered place on the planet. 

The Purge

Once we take the time to address the first 2 quandaries, its time to start purging. Where to start? A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself when was the last time I used this? If you can’t remember the last time you used something, it's probably a good candidate for the purge. Once you’ve dispensed with the unnecessaries, take a look at what you may be able to store in a separate location like a nearby linen closet or on a shelf in an unused guest room closet. 

Now that the purge is over it’s time to consider what space you have. Shelves, under sink storage, vanity, etc. Where does it make the most sense to store the items you use on a daily basis? Go ahead, its time to divide and conquer. Start by grouping like items together.

Everything In its Place.

Clear up a bunch of space right off the bat by getting all of your first aid and medical supplies in one spot. Consider re-purposing an over the door shoe holder into medicine and first-aid storage. As an alternative to taking up valuable drawer and shelf space, you can store lots of items easily in one location.

Speaking of drawers, one great way to maximize space is to use drawer dividers. Put all of your hair accessories and makeup in one place, so you can use it. Another great hack in the bathroom is the classic wicker basket. I'm sure you can find lots of uses, but the big one that comes to mind would be a basket for clean rolled towels. Easily create more space and add an element of style. All of your towels will be close at hand and rolled up for an elegant display.  Another place wicker baskets come in handy is as a laundry hamper. Keep the clothes off the floor and easy to transport. Don't let the bathroom toys take over the bathroom, use a mesh sack and suction cup to keep them safely stowed on the shower wall. For a great article on how to make bathtime fun for your kids click here.

Cut Through the Clutter and Elevate! 

In the end, it’s all about removing the clutter and one of the biggest sources of clutter is the shampoo and soap bottle collection.  Easily manage your shampoo and conditioner by committing to purchase new products only when the old product is gone. Keep those products close at hand and mount them to almost any surface with a Squeezi™ silicone bottle mount and dispenser for shampoo and body wash. Forget the hassle of searching for that nearly empty bottle of product. Use every drop and elevate your shower experience with a great tool for organization in the bathroom. 

In closing, we at Squeezi want you to remember, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. For many people, time spent in the bathroom may be the only “me time” they get, so make the bathroom your personal space. Take some time to pamper yourself. Start with a clean and organized bathroom.